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Silcube helps your management company business with best-in-class collaboration, risk management and reporting tools

The digital challenge of ManCos in 2020s

Management companies - The digital challenge of ManCos

According to PwC Luxembourg Observatory for Management Companies – 2021 Barometer, there are two major growth drivers for ManCo business:

  • Digital and technological revolution
  • Evolution of sustainable investment activities (ESG)

Both can be challenges and opportunities for third-party ManCos. Not addressing them may result in ManCo losing competitiveness. Being in the frontline creates an opportunity for strong growth.

Silcube's modern, cloud-native platform provides third-party ManCos with all the tools needed to seize the opportunity.



Management companies - The digital challenge of ManCos

One dataset, great benefits

Management companies - One dataset great benefits
  • Move all your client interfacing operations into a single secure cloud platform
  • Collaborate with your clients, team members, and external service providers around the clock and wherever they are
  • Reduce investment compliance risk with our pre-and post-trade compliance engine
  • Track positions, exposures, cash flow, and ESG metrics, and shadow NAV
  • Create fund and investor-level fund reporting at any time, or let your customers do it - you decide
Management companies - One dataset great benefits

Collaborate and communicate

Collaborate and communicate 16x9

Silcube's platform brings the ManCo, investment managers and advisers, risk managers, and service providers on one, secure platform.

With ManCo administered user authorization, ManCo users can view and manage all client portfolios in a single instance while having control over data shown to each client.

Silcube facilitates digital collaboration with your clients, team members, and external service providers around the clock wherever they are.

An API gateway extends collaboration by integrating various external applications to meet diverse workflow requirements.

Collaborate and communicate 16x9

Efficient, digital workflow

Efficient, digital workflow 16x9 (1)

Silcube provides full flexibility to design workflows to fit any organizational, regulatory and tax optimization need.

Silcube natively supports investment advisors. External advisors, investment manager and the ManCo staff can work on one platform. Every user is authenticated, and every decision is timestamped, creating an automatic audit trail.

Efficient, digital workflow 16x9 (1)

Pre-and post-trade compliance at every step

Pre-and-post-trade-compliance-at-every-step (1)

Silcube's compliance engine checks every action and decision against hard and soft limits, and warns about potential violations.

Pre-trade compliance starts from the investment advice and is checked at investment decision and trade execution.

After the trade, Silcube verifies post-trade compliance. These checks can be extended to settlements, valuation and investor reporting.

Silcube produces a compliance report across all portfolios to simple day-to-day monitoring. Approvals and acceptances can be routed to the right person for approval, and everything is recorded in the audit trail.

Pre-and-post-trade-compliance-at-every-step (1)

Broad instrument coverage, with exposure and cash flow analysis

Broad instrument coverage 16x9 V2

Silcube supports most asset classes, including equities, fixed income, forex, and alternative, and includes a generic asset type.

Silcube's exposure and cash flow engine understands the instruments. This means firstly that the cash flow projection is accurate, and future liquidity is always known.

Derivative instruments will inherit all the characteristics of the underlying. Silcube calculates the total exposure per any risk factor, issuer, and counterparty across the portfolio for all instruments.

Broad instrument coverage 16x9 V2

Features from front to back

Features from front to backV2 16x9 (1)

Silcube's front-to-back investment management system (IMS) supports workflows from investment advice to shadow NAV and in-depth reporting.

With native instrument support and a holistic compliance engine, controlling market, credit or liquidity risk is simple, and flexible reporting to various stakeholders is done with a click of a button.

Silcube is built API first, with modern technologies and without legacy code. Our service runs on the Microsoft Azure cloud in Ireland. The data is held encrypted at rest. You own data, so there is no vendor lock-in and contingency planning is simple.

Features from front to backV2 16x9 (1)

Investor reporting


Silcube automated reporting tools make reporting simple and efficient, and add value to your customers.

  • Fund factsheets support direct text entry for manager comments and descriptive data
  • Factsheets take advantage of our user-defined custom classifiers and provide allocation statistics across all relevant metrics
  • Create factsheets in any language
  • Provide investor with data only relevant to her by using dedicated investor report

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