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Our journey

Silcube has its origins as an in-house solution tailored for a fund management company overseeing Luxembourg-based funds. as seasoned industry professionals, we pondered for quite some time why certain processes persisted in manual modes, relying on emails and Excel sheets. We were determined to instigate change and and spearhead the digital transformation of asset management. Thus, in 2020, Silcube emerged as an independent entity.

Our initial focus revolved around alternative investments, particularly witnessing significant traction and interest in the private debt sector. This prompted our decision to commence our journey with private debt solutions.

Our mission

Our clients told us there are no optimal solutions in the market. Either you go for a full-blown alternative investment management software, meaning a high running cost and a large IT project, or use point solutions, one for payment plans, another for covenants, and a third for reporting.

However, that was not all. We saw three roadblocks that prevented the digitalisation everybody so much talked about.

Our solution

Firstly, as mentioned, the unified workflow was missing. The public and clear APIs for upstream and downstream integrations were missing too. So, we decided to create one system to cover the full workflow from origination to reporting and provide simple APIs for integrations. This is the Silcube platform today.

Secondly, it was the PDFs and other data in unstructured format. Even the Amazons, Microsofts and Googles of the world could not get it right. Rule-based algorithms were expensive to make but brittle. Intelligence was required. Until 2023, it was human intelligence and manual processes. From 2024, it is artificial intelligence. Think of covenant monitoring. Silcube helps automate it.

Thirdly, it is the purchase barrier and cost. You get free online trials and startup discounts for CRMs and office and accounting software. But not financial software. Buying it is a project. You will hear sales pitches knowing that you pay for it. Despite all the consultative sales, almost 80% of financial software buyers experience buyer’s remorse due to increased cost, lack of expected features, expensive changes, and vendor lock-in.

We decided to solve it by focusing on user experience so much that we dare to open the platform for anyone to try online. It is much harder. The product needs to be so intuitive that a prospective client gets the hang of it the first time. No product is ever ready, but someone needs to be the first. We decided it was Silcube, and we opened the platform to the public in October 2023. And yes, we provide startup discounts.

Our commitment

Summing up, our commitments to you are the following:

  • We assure you that Silcube is easy and intuitive to try. We support you with rapid product development you get to influence, backed by high-quality services when you need them.
  • We bring you a robust workflow that makes your operations faster, more cost-efficient, more secure, and helps you raise more capital.
  • You will see a challenger mindset in everything we do: we bring valuable technology faster, we address your feedback quicker, and we grow with you. Quoting Avis, we try harder.

Try us & talk to us

Thank you for visiting our site. Please do not hesitate to try our platform online by clicking the button below. Signing up is free, secure, and no questions are asked. See it firsthand how it transforms your private debt portfolio management.

When you are ready, we would love to tell you more, and always eager to hear your feedback. We look forward to talking to you - click here to see how.


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our team.


Jarno Piironen

Chair & CEO

Jarno, a Fintech entrepreneur, and former Nokian brings a wealth of expertise in product development, sales, marketing, and legal matters.


Jussi Seppälä

Head of Business Development

Jussi is a board member at Silcube, chairman of Afalon Investment Management, and former CEO of a fund management company and a quant analyst.


Maksim Säkki

Chief Architect

Maksim is a software development professional with over 20 years of experience in Fintech with a focus on investment, loan, and reporting systems. 


Maria Stefanescu

Head of Product Management

Maria's neuroscience Ph.D. background and exceptional analytical skills empower her as Head of Product Management, ensuring successful outcomes.


Jevgeni Shumik

Data Engineer

Jevgeni is a software developer and is excited about investment process automation, algorithmic trading, and related technologies.