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Take your private debt management game to the next level and digitalise your asset management business.

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Our private debt software empowers investment managers to grow their portfolios and achieve higher returns by streamlining workflow, automating tedious tasks, providing comprehensive data analytics, and identifying investment opportunities with ease.
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Transform private debt with cloud technology

Silcube platform unites all necessary data, functionality, and reporting tools into one multi-functional solution. 

Here's how easy it is
Work Together

Work Together

Collaborate with your team, delegates, and service providers on the same workflow.


Ensure Compliance

Have your approvals timestamped for auditing and your limits automatically checked before and after trade to ensure compliance.

Increase transparency

Increase Transparency

Track and monitor positions, exposures, cash, loan agreements, collaterals, hedging effects, and ESG ratings across all your asset classes.

predictive and smart analytics

Predictive and Smart Analytics

Create instant factsheets, exposure reports and performance reports. Run total return and loan book analyses with one click.

Front Office
Middle office
Back office

key features.

For Private Debt & Trade Finance:

  • Credit Facilities Origination and Administration
  • Loan Origination and Administration
  • Currency, Credit and Interest Risk Management
  • Liquidity Management
  • Flexible Portfolio Reporting
  • Investor Reporting

For Liquid Assets:

  • Wide instrument coverage
  • Support for Advice-Order-Trade flow with full pre-trade compliance validation
  • Currency, Equity, Credit and Interest Rate Risk Management
  • Liquidity Management
  • Flexible Portfolio Reporting
  • Investor Reporting

customer testimonials.

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The Total Return Analysis, which Silcube created per my request for my fund, was awesome because the gross IRR of an investment can be very different from the total shareholder return,” says Mikael. “We use that as an internal tool to evaluate the investment team’s performance.

Mikael Nastamo
CEO at Kenno

We use Silcube to manage our relationships with both investors and debtors to our entire satisfaction. The system automatically produces factsheets, and other data reports required by our investors. Silcube also automatically sends interest invoices to our debtors and is a fantastic tool to manage our cash flow projection.

Bernard Simonin
Director of Bluestone Merchant Fund Ltd

Kenno is an independent, regulated asset management firm focused on long-term investments and active ownership. It combines its Finnish family-business heritage with a contemporary investment approach to growing clients’ capital, ensuring its open-ended fund provides long-term value to clients and society in emerging and frontier markets.

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Bluestone Asset Manager Ltd is a Mauritius company formed in 2020 in order to address the increasing liquidity shortage witnessed in trade finance and help small to mid-size trading companies continue to carry out their commercial activity despite a deteriorating business environment.

use cases.

Private Debt Managers


Excel templates have limited functionality that increases the error margin. Luckily, Silcube offers a better alternative – a comprehensive and bulletproof platform for modern-day debt management. Silcube is a centralized cloud solution for all your data, documents, invoicing, and reporting.  

It comes with full API support for third-party integrations, so it fits flawlessly with your current tech stack. Secure, scalable, and accessible anytime and anywhere, Silcube will help you grow your business at an affordable price.  


Trade Finance Managers


Silcube has everything you need to modernize your trade finance management business. First, you move all your operations to a centralized cloud platform that’s both secure and accessible anytime, anywhere. Then, you start reaping the many benefits of a solution tailored to your specific needs.  

Silcube is a front-to-back loan management system. It features robust cash flow projection analytics, institutional-grade investor reporting, and a limit monitoring tool that allows you to conveniently manage your fund’s liquidity, attract institutional investments, and ensure compliance. If you need help analyzing your loan book, Silcube can help you with that as well, regardless of the standard and metric.  

Introducing the cloud to your processes will increase your operational efficiency, minimize risks, and even offset unabated CO2 emissions.  


Ready to go digital?

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