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workflow simplified.

Silcube is a multi-functional, cloud-based fund management platform. It has all the data, functionality and reporting a private asset manager needs in one place.

Everything begins with good data

Silcube gathers all relevant data on one, secure cloud platform. It is available to everyone that needs it, enabling collaboration, compliance, monitoring and reporting.

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Collaborate and communicate

Collaborate and Communicate

Build one workflow with your team members, delegates and service providers, wherever they are.


Ensure Compliance

Limits are checked pre and post-trade to ensure compliance with the mandate. Approvals are timestamped for auditing.


Track Positions and Exposures

Track Positions and Exposures

Monitor positions, exposures, cash, loan agreements, collaterals, hedging effects, and ESG ratings across all your asset classes.

Create reports

Create Reports

Produce fact sheets, exposure reports, performance reports, and total return and loan book analysis with one click. Use the data in Excel, Bloomberg or your other tools.

key features.

Silcube introduction
Advice - order - trade workflow
Fact sheet generator

customer cases.

We use Silcube to manage our relationships with both investors and debtors at our entire satisfaction. The system automatically produces factsheets, and other data reports required by our investors. Silcube also automatically send interest invoices to our debtors and is a fantastic tool to manage our cashflow projection.

Director of Bluestone Merchant Fund Ltd

Bluestone Merchant Fund Ltd is a Trade Finance Fund which objective is to achieve capital appreciation of about 7 % p.a. in USD from various type of debt instruments secured by the pledge over the goods and/or the assignment of receivables, and issued by, related to, trading companies which trade commodities, pharmaceutical products and/or food products.

use cases.

Private Debt Managers

  • Minimize the risks and replace the limitations of Excel templates with a professional and robust modern debt management platform
  • Grow your business with a simple, scalable solution that is accessible anytime, anywhere in the world
  • One single platform for all your data, documents, invoicing, and reporting
  • Open platform with full API support to integrate third-party applications
  • Affordable solution with transparent pricing also for smaller companies and start-ups

Management Companies

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  • Level the playing field against your bigger competitors with a scalable, high-performance platform
  • Have collaborative workflows across organizations. Connect with your investment managers and collaborate seamlessly through Silcube
  • Easy and convenient reporting of ESG and any custom metrics
    Be in more control with Silcube’s fully integrated front-to-back investment compliance monitor
  • Scale your business with Silcube by onboarding licensed and unlicensed managers alike by utilizing our advisory module
  • As industry professionals, we have developed Silcube as a tool that really understands and supports modern fund management business
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Trade Finance Managers

  • Increase your efficiencies by carrying out all your trade financing operations in Silcube front-to-back loan management system
    Manage your fund's liquidity with Silcube cash flow projection analytics
  • Attract institutional investments with our institutional-grade investor reporting
  • Analyze your loan book by any standard or custom metric such as type of product and financing, country of origin/destination, days overdue, duration, etc.
  • Modernize your business by moving all your operations into a single secure cloud platform accessible anytime - anywhere
  • Reduce risks with our pre- and post-trade limit monitoring tool
  • Offset unabated CO2 emissions with carbon credit certificates

Wealth Management and Family Offices

  • See 360 view of all portfolios, both liquid and illiquid
  • Operate anywhere, anytime thanks to our modern cloud-based platform
  • Drill down to individual portfolios and assets of family branches 
    and members 
  • Manage exposures from multiple angles
  • Automate performance reporting and serve ad hoc requests

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our team.


Jarno Piironen

Chair & CEO

Jarno is a Fintech entrepreneur and ex-Nokian with product making, sales, marketing, and legal experience.


Jussi Seppälä

Head of Business Development

Jussi is a board member at Silcube, chairman of Afalon Investment Management, and former CEO of a fund management company.


Matis Tomiste

Head of Product

Matis is a Fintech industry specialist with over 20 years of experience in building various trading, risk and investment management systems.


Maksim Säkki

Head Of Development

Maksim is a Ph.D. in theoretical physics and enjoys building software as a service with more added value to customers.


Maria Stefanescu

Customer Success Specialist

Maria is a Ph.D. in neuroscience with high analytical skills and experience in conducting studies and projects.


Francesca Skolc

Customer Success Specialist

Francesca is well experienced in resolving complex customer issues and is passionate about building strong customer relationships.


Jevgeni Shumik

Full Stack Engineer

Jevgeni is a software developer and excited about investment processes automation, algorithmic trading, and related technologies.