Information Security Policy

Silcube Financial Systems Oy
Last update: 27 April 2023

Technical setup

Where is Silcube hosted and how is it run?
What technologies is the application built on?
Where is the application run and data hosted?

Cybersecurity program

What elements is Silcube's cybersecurity program based on?
Who are the key personnel responsible for cybersecurity in Silcube and what are their roles?
Can you explain Silcube's risk assessment process?
Which industry standards does Silcube use to ensure platform security?
How does Silcube respond to security incidents and ensure business continuity?

Technical security controls

How does Silcube protect against cyber threats?
What are the access controls in place for secure data storage and delivery?
How does Silcube ensure user authentication and control user access within the system?

Personnel security

What screening measures does Silcube implement for its employees and contractors?
What type of security training is provided for Silcube's employees?

Third-party providers

How does Silcube manage its relationships with third-party providers?
What measures does Silcube take to ensure compliance and enforcement with third-party providers?

Privacy and confidentiality

How does Silcube ensure the security of its database, data storage, and communications?
What measures does Silcube take to protect client data?
How does Silcube comply with data protection laws and regulations?