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Originate easily

Originate easily

Model payment plans, store documents, and get approvals effortlessly. Integrate your existing workflows with APIs and imports.

Manage payments and changes

Manage payments and changes

Automate payment reconciliation and invoicing. Recalculate payment plans when things change.

Monitor borrowers and exposure

Monitor borrowers and exposures

Simplify covenant monitoring, drill down to performance and exposures combining financial and non-financial indicators.

Report success and raise more funds

Report success and raise more funds

Report to your investors, stakeholders, risk managers, and accountants. Impress with custom dashboards and automated fact sheets.

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why user experience matters.

In finance, a delightful user experience often takes the back seat. Traditional finance software can be frustrating and inefficient. We want to make your day brighter, boost your productivity, and enable you to achieve more.


Satisfied staff are productive staff. Great tool help deliver exceptional results. Our solution is easy to adopt and minimizes resistance to change. Select a solution that smoothly enhances daily work and say goodbye to IT problems.

For Operations Staff

You are the backbone of the company. Silcube is your ally in delivering amazing work, enjoyably. Our intuitive experience gets things done faster and improves communication and collaboration. Experience the Silcube difference.

key features for Direct Lending.

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Loan Management: 
Silcube centralises loan management from origination to maturity, simplifying tracking of loan agreements, terms, and covenants.

Covenant Monitoring: 
Store covenants with loan agreements, store the data conveniently, and track compliance on a dashboard.

Easily generate detailed reports tailored to your organisation's needs for stakeholders, auditors, and regulators.

Secure Document Management: 
Safely store sensitive loan documents with controlled access and version tracking.

Manage Payments: 
Automate payment processing, invoicing, and reconciliation for efficient operations.

Portfolio Insights: 
Get deep insights into loan performance, assess risk, and make data-driven decisions.

Scalable Solution: 
Silcube grows with your business. Whether you manage a small loan portfolio or a vast debt fund, our platform adapts to your needs.

key features for Asset-Backed Lending.

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Flexible workflow: 
Use freely definable loan attributes, checklists and approval flows help you make sure all documents are in order, reviewed and safely stored in one place.

Credit Facility Management: 
Efficiently manage credit lines and facilities. Silcube offers tracking of credit limits, utilisation and mark-to-market LTV of collateral.

Cash management:
Keep track of all incoming and outgoing payments, and to make sure cash is always optimally allocated.

Risk Management: 
Assess and mitigate risks per client, loan and portfolio. Identify potential issues and take proactive measures to protect your receivables.

Collateral management: 
Track the stage of the collateral and its mark-to-market value. It helps you ensure the receivables are appropriately secured until paid.

Integration capabilities: 
Integrate with built-in market data sources and your own systems via Silcube's well-documented API.

customer testimonials.

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We use Silcube to manage our relationships with both investors and debtors to our entire satisfaction. The system automatically produces factsheets, and other data reports required by our investors. Silcube also automatically sends interest invoices to our debtors and is a fantastic tool to manage our cash flow projection.

Bernard Simonin
Head of Project and Merchant Finance

The Total Return Analysis, which Silcube created per my request for my fund, was awesome because the gross IRR of an investment can be very different from the total shareholder return,” says Mikael. “We use that as an internal tool to evaluate the investment team’s performance.

Mikael Nastamo
CEO at Kenno

Bluestone Asset Manager Ltd is a Mauritius company formed in 2020 in order to address the increasing liquidity shortage witnessed in trade finance and help small to mid-size trading companies continue to carry out their commercial activity despite a deteriorating business environment.

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Kenno is an independent, regulated asset management firm focused on long-term investments and active ownership. It combines its Finnish family-business heritage with a contemporary investment approach to growing clients’ capital, ensuring its open-ended fund provides long-term value to clients and society in emerging and frontier markets.

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our commitment to you.

Information security


The security of your data is of utmost importance for us. We host the data in Microsoft Azure data centers. We follow industry best practices and ensure all data is segregated and safe.


No vendor lock-in

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Your data is your data. If you want to stop using Silcube, we will ensure you receive your operational data in a clear format.

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We quote based on the number of users, AUM and the service level.

For new managers, our service is free until first closing, followed by a pay-as-you-grow model. 

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