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Simplify your investment management workflow with a native cloud based solution requiring no installation

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Debt managers

Silcube has a state of the art cashflow module, that offers flexible and intuitive ways of defining different loan structures and deposits. Almost any type of a loan agreement can be managed by the system. User can create and attach an unlimited number of classifiers to loans and report loan portfolio exposure grouped by classifiers. With our collateral and document management, you are always on top of your loan portfolio

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Traded assets

Silcube was built by fund management professionals to support operations and risk management. If you need a system to support your investment workflow with pre- and post-trade compliance, portfolio monitoring, automated fund fact sheets, shareholder registry with performance reporting, realised FiFo gains and losses and more, we have a solution for you

Key benefits

Flexible portfolio, exposure and performance reporting
Pre- and post-trade compliance
Dynamic loan origination and debt management
Automated fund fact sheets
Shadow NAV calculation
Fund shareholder register and reporting
Modern scalable technology with global access
Secure architecture
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  • Simplify your portfolio management workflow with a native cloud based solution requiring no installation
  • Access all your data anywhere at any time and have full control over your processes; from investment decision making and execution to risk management and reporting
  • Save time and money on implementation as Silcube can be implemented in weeks rather than months

Safeguard your data

Ever worry about backups and disaster recovery? FIPS 140-2, AES 256-bit, data at rest encryption, Azure cloud and key vault, full audit trail on all actions, full backups with fast restore and validation

This may be technical jargon, but for you it means that you do not need to worry about the safety, integrity or availability of your data. Your Silcube data in Microsoft Azure cloud can be replicated in virtually real time to the other side of the globe, should that be necessary. Your data are simply safe and accessible with Silcube

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