Private Debt

Silcube offers a modern alternative to manage lending operations, risk management, and reporting on one platform while reducing operational and compliance risks.

Fast-growing market with traditional tools

Loan origination used to be the banks’ domain. Today, private debt and alternative lending are among the fastest-growing asset classes. 
Private debt funds do not require the sophistication and cost of banking systems. However, they benefit significantly from structured lending operations, risk management, automated investor reporting, and process automation.
Many private debt funds rely on Excel spreadsheets and Word documents to originate loans, manage their payment schedules, and carry out risk management activities.

Originate loans with Silcube

  • Arrange any loan with your borrower and capture it with ease in Silcube. Silcube supports credit limits and revolving facilities.
  • Attach documents, guarantors, and collateral to loan agreements
  • Configure invoicing
  • Set loan classifiers for reporting and risk management
  • Set loan-specific risk limits

Manage day-to-day operations

  • Send invoices and reminders to the borrower
  • Track payments through the bank or manually
  • Adjust payment schedules, with automatic recalculation of the remaining payment plan
  • Monitor overdue payments
  • Manage additional drawdowns and accelerations, capitalize interest, grant payment holidays, and manage final payments

Create reports that help operations, and cash and risk management

  • Silcube’s loan book analysis provides a 360-degree view of overdue loans, durations, and credit scores
  • Loan revaluations and accruals impact reporting
  • Automatic cash flow analysis for inbound and outbound payments
  • The exposure report accounts for hedges, derivatives, and traded assets
  • Data export to Excel and other tools for further analysis

Support for cross-border, delegate, and multi-currency workflows


Silcube supports digital collaboration with ManCos saving time and money by connecting the asset manager’s and ManCo’s workflow.

Our platform is international, so multi-currency, multi-portfolio, and cross-border operations work out of the box.



Robust, easy-to-connect technology at an accessible cost


Silcube runs in Microsoft Azure cloud in Ireland, with solid data security measures. You own the data.

Silcube can be used standalone or connected to existing or external systems and partners via APIs. We also offer managed services and support.


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